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Sapphire is the mineral corundum. Blue ones are the second most popular of the world’s gems, after diamonds.

Here at Gem Source we are always beyond honored when either a new customer, or as in this case an existing customer, entrusts us with making a memorable piece of jewelry for a special occasion. We wanted to share an email from a customer who tasked us with making a very special 50th anniversary gift.

Aquamarine is the modern March birthstone. Aquamarine stones are the blue members of the mineral beryl, which the green varieties are known as emeralds.

The number one question I get, besides “How much is it?” is which of the Four C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) is the most important when buying a ring. I generally like to talk about all four of the diamond quality factors. It helps facilitate questions from the customers that are focused on the true elements of deciding what diamond to choose.

There are many reasons to have jewelry appraised by a professional gemologist. You might need an appraisal to add that new engagement ring you just purchased to your homeowners insurance policy, or you might need to know the value of an inherited piece of jewelry either for insurance purposes or to sell. Whatever the reason, we at Gem Source are here to help. Jim Salyer, a registered gemologist (GIA), answers some of the most common questions he’s asked about the appraisal process.

Were born in January? If so, garnet is your birthstone. Take a whirlwind tour of January’s birthstone and its fascinating palette of colors from greens, oranges, pinkish oranges and deeply saturated purplish reds.