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4C’s of Diamonds: Carat weight may seem to be the “no brainer” value factor among the 4C’s. However, by taking a closer look, we learn the weight of each diamond is closely related to the quality of the cut.

4 C’s of diamonds. Why not make it 5 C’s? Cost is a factor, so we bring it into the conversation right away. Not in the usual way of discounts or sales talk, but as part of our presentation of facts.

4 C’s of diamonds: Clarity grading. By definition the term clarity refers to a diamonds level of imperfections.

4C’s of diamonds: Color grading of white diamonds is better understood as a scale to describe LACK of color. The dispersion of light into the spectral colors, known as brilliance, is not a part of this topic.

Cut, as it relates to the 4C’s of diamond grading, is a measure of craftsmanship and quality of cut. The term also is used synonymous with shape, round, oval, etc.

Gold has stood the test of time as the most popular choice for jewelry, whether bridal or fashion styles.