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A fine blue sapphire is a vivid medium blue. It's neither grayish nor greenish. They can also range in color from a light pastel all the way through a deep navy blue.

I'm Jim Salyer of Gem Source on Southland Drive in Lexington. We founded this company in 1989 with a focus on fine quality engagement rings and anniversary gifts of all varieties, and with a focus on quality and education. Our store is located at 368 Southland Drive in Lexington.

When considering platinum versus gold, take into consideration that Platinum does actually scratch easier. It wears longer, but each metal has properties that make it ideal for different applications.

When choosing a diamond, many people ask: What's the most important factor of the four Cs: cut, color, clarity, or carat weight? Without question, it's cut. The human factor is what determines how much light gets in and how much light gets out.

At Gem Source before we get to the finished product we talked about diamonds, loose ones at that. We show them under the gem scope, we talk about the human, factor -- the cut absolutely the most important.

How to buy a diamond is far more important than what month of the year. I expect people to be in the market on their schedule, especially for an engagement ring. Here are a few simple ideas to stay on the right path to not only purchase well, but to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience.