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4 C’s of diamonds. Why not make it 5 C’s? Cost is a factor, so we bring it into the conversation right away. Not in the usual way of discounts or sales talk, but as part of our presentation of facts.

4 C’s of diamonds: Clarity grading. By definition the term clarity refers to a diamonds level of imperfections.

Here at Gem Source we are always beyond honored when either a new customer, or as in this case an existing customer, entrusts us with making a memorable piece of jewelry for a special occasion. We wanted to share an email from a customer who tasked us with making a very special 50th anniversary gift.

Were born in January? If so, garnet is your birthstone. Take a whirlwind tour of January’s birthstone and its fascinating palette of colors from greens, oranges, pinkish oranges and deeply saturated purplish reds.