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How to buy a diamond is far more important than what month of the year. I expect people to be in the market on their schedule, especially for an engagement ring. Here are a few simple ideas to stay on the right path to not only purchase well, but to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience.

4C’s of Diamonds: Carat weight may seem to be the “no brainer” value factor among the 4C’s. However, by taking a closer look, we learn the weight of each diamond is closely related to the quality of the cut.

4 C’s of diamonds. Why not make it 5 C’s? Cost is a factor, so we bring it into the conversation right away. Not in the usual way of discounts or sales talk, but as part of our presentation of facts.

4 C’s of diamonds: Clarity grading. By definition the term clarity refers to a diamonds level of imperfections.

There are many reasons to have jewelry appraised by a professional gemologist. You might need an appraisal to add that new engagement ring you just purchased to your homeowners insurance policy, or you might need to know the value of an inherited piece of jewelry either for insurance purposes or to sell. Whatever the reason, we at Gem Source are here to help. Jim Salyer, a registered gemologist (GIA), answers some of the most common questions he’s asked about the appraisal process.