Here at Gem Source we are always beyond honored when either a new customer, or as in this case an existing customer, entrusts us with making a memorable piece of jewelry for a special occasion. We wanted to share the below email from a customer who tasked us with making a very special 50th anniversary gift (note: we have redacted names for privacy). The photo below shows the finished piece. If you require a special piece of jewelry for a special occasion, either stop by our store at 368 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY or call 859-278-3108 and we will be happy to assist.

“When I sign a card to XXXX I say… love always, XXXX. I dislike tattoos but was even considering getting a tattoo on me that showed my 50 years of love for her with an infinity symbol with love always written in to it. An idea that my daughter helped me think through to no. Here’s where I’m going with this. This is a very nice stone and you have design skills that can make it unique and what will hopefully make it perfect. Without being overly sentimental it reminds me of looking into the universe and certainly a symbol of infinity. XXXX and I have our 4 creations… our two boys and two girls. What if the opal and some gems for the 4 kids can be combined in a necklace somehow? It could be 4 diamonds or different stones for boys and girls or different for each one. I would leave that up to your design abilities. While I’m not a fan of white gold she is. To me it looks like silver so why bother. Also again as in other e-mail shouldn’t be fancy design but symbolic and striking in it’s design and beauty is a winner.

Sorry for long note but hope it helps get us going. One more thought. When it’s finished, I think a perfect way to deliver it would be me sending you a ticket to fly down here and deliver it in person. I’m planning a small group of friends for an anniversary dinner here at a beach restaurant. You delivering it and describing it and the design would be unique!’

Reply from Jim Salyer, owner Gem Source….

Wow! Well I just don’t have the words, sincerely that is such an amazing idea and invitation. We’re getting right to work now to present you some images that hopefully can come close to delivering all the feeling and sentiment you’re putting into this selection.
More soon.

Below is the finished piece..